Inuyasha (S3E19): Shiori’s Family and Inuyasha’s Feelings

Inuyasha and Shizu confront Taigokumaru

A freshly bathed blacksmith sends a flea demon to tell Inuyasha to kill a child to make Tetsusaiga strong enough to cut through Naraku’s barrier.

Original Air Date: 10 Jun 2002, Streamed on: Hulu

Inuyasha’s frustration grows with his inability to break through Naraku’s barrier, but Myoga shows up with Totosai’s plan. He must go to the cave of the demon bats to slay the cave’s guardian demon so that Tetsusaiga can drink its blood.

On the way, they run into Shiori’s mother, Shizu, who tells them the story of her daughter. Shiori is a half-demon and granddaughter of the leader of the bat demons, Taigokumaru. Her father was the guardian before he died, so when he died, Shiori became the guardian.

Inuyasha sympathizes with the young, white-haired half-demon, so he’s incredibly conflicted about what to do. He demands that Shizu takes him to see Taigokumaru.

Shiori is excited to see her mother, but Inuyasha kills the vibe by asking about how strong his sword will become if he kills her. Taigokumaru reveals himself to be quite an asshole, so Inuyasha dishes out a wind scar that the barrier easily blocks.

Taigokumaru behind the barrier

The bat demon leader responds with a sonar attack that crashes against a rocky shore, before Shiori begs him to leave her mother alone. Shizu and Inuyasha retreat before any more harm comes to anyone; however, Taigokumaru sends all of the bat demons out to destroy the village.

Just as Inuyasha and Kagome finish a heartfelt chat about what it’s like growing up a half-demon, they see the horde of bat demons flying their way.

A horde of bat demons flies through the sky

Episode Score Card:

  • Sit Boys (new item!): 0
  • Iron Reaver Soul Stealers: 0
  • Wind Scars: 1 + 1 in flashback
  • Backlash Waves: 0
  • Wind Tunnels: 0
  • Swarms of Naraku’s Bees: 0
  • Butts Grabbed: 0
  • Jewel Shards Recovered: 0

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Shiori has the same haircut as Inuyasha.

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