Inuyasha (S3E25): Jaken’s Plan to Steal Tetsusaiga

Rin fending for herself... with Jaken

Jaken plans to get ahold of Tetsusaiga for Lord Sesshomaru, so he lures Inuyasha to a hot spring where he likely to let his guard – and maybe his pants – down.

Original Air Date: 22 Jul 2002, Stream on: Hulu

Jaken raises a demon called No-Man from the dirt to steal Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha while he plays a rock-paper-scissors game with the gang. Instead of getting the sword, No-Man returns with several odds and ends that he thought were more valuable than Inuyasha’s rusty old sword.

The gang tracks down No-Man somehow and demands that he return the jewel shards that he stole, but I don’t remember seeing those in his possession. No-Man attempts to grab Tetsusaiga, but it repels him because he’s a demon. The gang decides to let him go, and, sure enough, there are the jewel shards and several more items that he didn’t have before.

Jaken then tries a disguise as a sword-sharpener, but the gang leaves everything except Tetsusaiga with him. He sharpens everything, hoping that he will earn the chance to sharpen Inuyasha’s sword. His plan actually succeeds, but he’s passed out when they come back, so they leave.

Jaken disguised as a monk in training

Jaken creates a hot spring with a spell. When the gang stumbles upon it, Sango, Kagome, and Shippo strip nearly immediately and get right in. When they’re done, Inuyasha and Miroku strip down and take their turn. Tetsusaiga sits unguarded, so Jaken wraps it up and takes it.

Inuyasha got light-headed in the hot spring

Kagome discovers that Tetsusaiga is missing, just as Jaken gets the sword to Rin. Now wearing pants, Inuyasha confronts Jaken. Rin flies back to rescue Jaken but drops Tetsusaiga.

Kagome is the first to realize that Sesshomaru has a human girl in his crew.

Kagura drops in out of nowhere and kidnaps Rin.

Episode Score Card:

  • Sit Boys: 0
  • Iron Reaver Soul Stealers: 0
  • Wind Scars: 0
  • Backlash Waves: 0
  • Wind Tunnels: 0
  • Swarms of Naraku’s Bees: 0
  • Butts Grabbed: 1
  • Jewel Shards Recovered: 0

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Rin keeps watching Jaken fail and innocently taunting him. It’s beautiful.

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