The Book of Boba Fett, Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand go for a ride

Boba Fett partners with Fennec Shand.
The Pyke Syndicate is coming for Mos Espa, and it looks like Boba Fett could use some help.

Original Air Date: 19 Jan 2022, Streamed on: Disney+

(Flash)bacta Tank

Boba Fett searches for the gang responsible for the destruction and murder of his adoptive Tusken tribe. Alone at night on the dunes, he responds to a pair of signal flares and finds Fennec Shand passed out where Din Djarin left her in The Mandalorian: Chapter 5.

She is near death, so he takes Fennec to a “doctor” that specializes in cybernetic body modifications. A mod parlor montage follows, and at the end, Fennec is alive, obviously, but more machine than woman now.

Fennec Shand's new mods

Upon waking in the desert, she handles it shockingly well, asking only, “What did you do?” As they continue to chat, Fennec casts doubt on the presumed truth that speed bikers defeated his Tuskens as “very unlikely.”

Boba Fett wants his ship back and needs his armor, so Fennec offers to repay her debt to him by helping him.

Bib Fortuna’s Jabba’s Palace

Fennec sends a recon drone inside to gather intelligence before they make their move. As they wait for the drone to return, they discuss what’s next for Boba Fett. He reveals that he plans to kill Bib Fortuna and take his throne as daimyo, in part because the Tuskens made him want to leave hunting behind.

There are too many guards, so they plan to go in quiet. Let’s see how that works out!

The wreck two kitchen droids and a rat-catcher droid offs himself, but so far it’s pretty quiet. They get all the way to Boba Fett’s ship without confrontation, when two Gamorrean guards run in, no doubt on alert after someone discovered the mess in the kitchen. It’s not quiet any more!

As Boba Fett preps the ship, Fennec faces the onslaught of guards alone, and she’s doing just fine. She never misses a shot, and her final shot releases the hangar gate allowing them to fly away.

Boba Fett releases Fennec from her debt to him, but she decides to stick around for the ride.

Settling Scores

The first unsettled score on his list: the speed bikers. He makes quick work of them on a single fly-by before flying off to unsettled score number two: a sarlacc pit.

Despite it being years later, Boba Fett is sure this is the sarlacc in which he will find his armor. Somehow, despite it being years later, the pit has not been filled by drifting sands. There is also no sign of decay.

Apparently, IT IS NOT DEAD! The sarlacc grabs the ship and tries to eat it, but it is literally too big to swallow. On the verge crushed to death inside of a ship being consumed by a sarlacc, Fennec releases a bomb that is promptly swallowed by the sarlacc.

This time, I’m pretty sure the sarlacc is dead. How was the ship hovering upside down that whole time, though?

Boba Fett's ship somehow hovers upside-down

After some quick spelunking, Boba Fett determines that his armor isn’t in there.

Completely Healed

As Boba Fett wakes from his dream and climbs out of his bacta tank, a droid proclaims that he is now completely healed, so I guess we’re all caught up.

Krrsantan is angry-drinking at Garsa Fwip’s and decides to attack some Trandoshans who were winning money and having a good time. Krrsantan thoroughly stomps those guys and does not stop until Garsa Fwip strolls into the scene.

She settles him (a bit), and bargains for an end to the violence in exchange for a comped bar tab.

Garsa Fwip tries to calm Krrsantan

A tense moment later, Krrsantan rips off a Trandoshan’s arm and pays his tab before walking out. Fett follows him out and offers him a job.

Family Building

Boba Fett hosts a gathering of Jabba’s old captains, giving them his pitch to be a Family again. He proposes that all of the families join in mutual defense from the Pyke syndicate, but they aren’t into it.

He responds by saying that he’ll do it himself, as long as they don’t betray him to the Pykes. They all like this idea, but it sounds pretty stupid to me.

It looks like they’ll have to buy their help.

What do I think?

The Pykes are definitely responsible for the slaughter of his Tusken tribe, but I’m not sure what exactly they’d have to gain from the deaths of ~20-30 Tuskens. If they were hoping to kill Boba Fett in the process, wouldn’t they have continued to go after him once they knew he was still alive?

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