Inuyasha (S3E21): The Plot of the Panther Devas

The Panther Tribe arrives looking for Kagome

Inuyasha and the gang have been slacking in their search for more jewel shards, and now the Panther Tribe has come for theirs. And they don’t like dog demons!

Original Air Date: 24 Jun 2002, Streamed on: Hulu

Sesshomaru investigates Inuyasha’s defeat of Ryukotsusei, while Koga’s dwindled pack catches wind of a small pack of demons moving swiftly in the night.

Kagome’s visits to her time are a lot more frequent it seems. Inuyasha, tired of waiting for her to return, goes after her to bring her back.

While he’s gone, the panther demons show up looking for the young priestess who wears skimpy clothing. They want her jewel shards, but after a small skirmish, they retreat because Kagome is clearly not around.

In present day Japan, Inuyasha teases Kagome’s cat and devours a huge steak. When the pair returns to feudal Japan, the gang warns them that something is about to begin with cats.

Toran, the current leader of the panther tribe, seeks out Sesshomaru to challenge him and brag about their plan to resurrect their slain master.

Two Three of the stronger members of the panther tribe attack the crew, successfully kidnapping Kagome. As they leave, they challenge Inuyasha as they did Sesshomaru. Shippo, Sango, and Miroku follow, so it sounds like the party is going to be large and violent.

Koga confronts Inuyasha when he notices Kagome’s scent mixed with the scent of the panther demons. He figures out that they kidnapped her, so he too joins the battle group.

Thanks to his shard-powered legs, Koga is the first to arrive, quickly followed by Inuyasha, but they run into a dead end chasing the panthers.

The word of the day is “barrier”, and when Koga says it, Inuyasha promptly unsheathes Tetsusaiga for some red-tinted barrier smashing.

Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga to smash a barrier

Episode Score Card:

  • Sit Boys: 1
  • Iron Reaver Soul Stealers: 0
  • Wind Scars: 0
  • Backlash Waves: 0
  • Wind Tunnels: 0
  • Swarms of Naraku’s Bees: 0
  • Butts Grabbed: 0
  • Jewel Shards Recovered: -3, taken from Kagome by the panther demons.

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Royakan from S1E20 (before I started blogging) is brushed off by Sesshomaru when he offers to serve under him and aide in his fight against the panther tribe.

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