Inuyasha (S3E18): Totosai’s Rigid Training

Inuyasha and Bunza chop wood

Inuyasha visits Totosai to learn a new technique for breaking through Naraku’s improved barriers. A young wildcat demon named Bunza trains with him.

Original Air Date: 3 Jun 2002, Streamed on: Hulu

Inuyasha absconds with Kilala to go train at Totosai’s place, seeking a technique to break through Naraku’s barrier. Totosai is going to make him work for it, but first he has to plan his bath.

A young lynx demon named Bunza shows up, and Totosai asks them to gather the water and firewood for his bath. Both Bunza and Inuyasha seek training to break through barriers, and they think this request is part of the training. After nearly passing out during this “training”, Bunza tells Inuyasha that he hasn’t eaten in 10 days.

After finally getting some fish in his belly, Bunza tells Inuyasha his story. Bunza’s cat — who looks suspiciously like an eevee — shows up and meows news that Bunza’s father is about to YOLO himself into a world of trouble.

Bunza's cat looks a lot like an eevee

Bunza runs off to “save” his father, but he’s doomed. Inuyasha hops on Kilala to help. When they arrive, they find that Bunza’s father is now trapped inside the barrier. Bunza’s leaping sword attack crashes against the barrier, but the result is not the destruction of the barrier, rather a completely murdered ego.

Bunza attacks the barrier with a sword

Nanafushi, the demon maintaining the barrier, is now paying attention. The nightmare mantis demon spits poison gas at them, before Inuyasha destroys the barrier with a wind scar. After two normal strikes with Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha ends Nanafushi and sets the mountain free.

Episode Score Card:

  • Iron Reaver Soul Stealers: 0
  • Wind Scars: 1
  • Backlash Waves: 0
  • Wind Tunnels: 0
  • Swarms of Naraku’s Bees: 0
  • Butts Grabbed: 0
  • Jewel Shards Recovered: 0

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Bunza must be a teenager because he went from 100% self-assured to 100% defeated in approximately 1/10th of second when he crashed into Nanfushi’s barrier.

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