Inuyasha (S3E16): Onigumo’s Memory Restored

Onigumo and Inuyasha battle while the bees do bee things

Muso, a steamy demon partially composed of bees, attacks Kagome. Will Inuyasha be able to stop him before he gets any sexier?

Original Air Date: 20 May 2002, Streamed on: Hulu

Inuyasha immediately severs Muso’s bee arm, but more of Naraku’s bees show up the next instant to make him a new one. Muso uses his brand new arm to ensare Kagome again, so Inuyasha obliviates him with a wind scar.

It was certainly not a very sexy death.

Apparently, Kagura is chained up in Naraku’s basement. Naraku frees her to follow Muso, who is literally pulling his fine ass together in some field. It looks like all Inuyasha accomplished was the destruction of Muso’s clothes, since he’s naked once again. He steals the clothes and armor of the first person he comes across. Perhaps he is shy.

Oniguma catches a soldier off guard

The gang plays detective, retracing Muso’s steps back to Naraku’s castle when they encounter Kagura. She tells them the hunky demon is headed for Onigumo’s cave, but they rightfully don’t know if they should trust her.

Muso is already inside the cave when Kaede and Kagome arrive, remembering. Kaede reveals what has already become obvious: Muso is Onigumo. Ergo, Onigumo is an undead bandit heartthrob.

Onigumo explains his side of the story, mostly that he was a prisoner within Naraku rather than a guiding influence. Kikyo’s death was the opposite of what he wanted. Inuyasha is mad anyway, so they start fighting again.

Inuyasha hits him with another wind scar, but he quickly regenerates. The cycle repeats again. This time, the demon assumes the form of a thorny scorpion, stinging Inuyasha!

Oniguma does some scorpion cosplay

Episode Score Card:

  • Iron Reaver Soul Stealers: 1
  • Wind Scars: 3
  • Backlash Waves: 0
  • Wind Tunnels: 0
  • Swarms of Naraku’s Bees: 3, so many bees.
  • Butts Grabbed: 0
  • Jewel Shards Recovered: 0

Did you miss it?

Naraku encounters Kikyo in an attempt to prove to himself that he successfully severed his link to Onigumo, but he fails his own test.

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