The Book of Boba Fett, Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa

Black Krrsantan ponders his fate as Boba Fett's prisoner

Boba Fett must deal with two very different threats.
The twins, the mayor, and two different speeder gangs, make trouble for Fett and Fennec.

Original Air Date: 12 Jan 2022, Streamed on: Disney+

A water merchant named Lortha Peel (played by Stephen Root) shows up to complain about the youths running wild around town, presumably on their T-16s, trying to bullseye womp rats. Peel describes the street gang as half-man, half-machine scourges and petitions Boba Fett to deal with them in exchange for a doubled tribute.

In no time, Boba’s crew tracks down the street gang. As it turns out, the disaffected youths just want work and can’t find any, so Boba Fett turns the confrontation into a recruiting mission, to the chagrin of Peel.

More (Flash)bacta Tank

For at least the third time, Boba Fett’s dream includes his memory of watching Jango Fett fly past his room on Kamino, but the montage is brief this time.

Tusken youngling watches Boba Fett leave camp

On a bantha, Boba Fett rides away from his Tusken tribe to meet with the Pyke syndicate in a city the looks quite ruined. The syndicate representative refuses to pay the protection money because they are already paying protection money to the speeder gang. Boba Fett sighs and promises to resolve this issue.

When he arrives back at his tribe’s camp, it is completely destroyed and what little remains is burning. The speeder gang’s symbol reveals the responsible party. Boba Fett stacks the bodies and burns them in a funeral pyre, including the youngling’s mock gaffi stick.

With no one left to run protection and Boba Fett no doubt feeling some kind of way about this, some epic revenge must be on the horizon.

Another Assassination Attempt

Black Krrsantan rips open the bacta tank and pulls Boba Fett out by the neck. A sleepy and slippery Boba Fett is no match for an angry wookiee in hand-to-hand combat, so it doesn’t go well for him.

Right as it appears Boba Fett will be hugged to death, his new gang employees show up. Krrsantan tackles the two Gamorrean guards down a flight of stairs into the main floor of the palace. He wrecks the guards, but then everyone else shows up and surrounds him. Fennec triggers the trap door, and Krrsantan falls into the Rancor pit.

The Next Move

While plotting their response to Krrsantan’s attack, the Hutt twins show up to apologize. The bring the gift of Danny Trejo and a new rancor!

They offer up a story that the mayor lied to them in order to cause trouble for Boba Fett. The territory was never there’s to claim because Mok Shaiz already promised it to another syndicate.

The twins renounce their claim and leave Krrsantan with Boba Fett, who immediately frees him.

They don’t believe the Hutts are operating in good faith.

Danny Trejo Talks about Rancor

They are emotionally complex creatures, apparently, and this one is depressed. They form strong emotional bonds with their owners and are quite calm unless provoked, so the keeper lets Boba Fett pet it.

After a bit, Fett wants to ride it, and while the keeper’s face says, “I’ve seen more than one person die that way,” his mouth says, “Yeah, sure.”

The keeper removes the rancor’s blinders. After a few tense moments, nothing happens. Solid tension building there.

The Mayor’s Game

8D8 informs Boba Fett that Mok Shaiz will be entirely unavailable for the next 20 days, so Fett leaves the pit.

The gang rides to the mayor’s office to challenge his availability, but the mayor is gone. The majordomo flees in a landspeeder, so Fett’s new gang employees give chase on… Vespas?

Boba Fett's street crew with their space scooters

The majordomo is a bad driver, plus the streets of Mos Espa were clearly not designed for high-speed (relative to walking) chases. The Vespa gang finally pit-maneuvers him into a farmer’s market. He reveals that Mok Shaiz promised Mos Espa to the Pyke syndicate.

What do I think?

It sure looks like Boba Fett has some unfinished business to go along with this brand new business with the Pyke syndicate. If there’s any justice, we will see him riding the rancor to their end.

If we’re lucky, by Chapter 7, Krrsantan and Boba Fett will be asking, “Did we just become best friends?!”

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